Cooling Solutions

Cooling Solutions

For cooling operation, make sure the System or Mode control is set for Cooling. Then, adjust the Temperature control to your desired setting. Finally, use the Fan control to select Automatic (turns on and off as cooling is needed) or On (runs continuously).

Operation under extreme conditions

Your air conditioner will run as long as necessary to maintain the indoor temperature selected on your thermostat. On extremely hot days, your air conditioner will run for longer periods at a time than on moderate days. Your system will also run for longer periods of time under the following conditions:

  • Frequent opening of exterior doors
  • Operating laundry appliances
  • Taking hot showers
  • More than the usual number of people present in the home
  • More than the normal number of electric lights in use
  • Drapes or blinds are open on the sunny side of the home

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Routine Maintenance

Simple, routine maintenance as described below will enhance your air conditioning system’s ability to operate economically and dependably. Always remember the following safety precautions:

Keep Filter Clean

A clogged or improperly installed air filter on your indoor unit will increase operating costs and shorten the life of the unit. For detailed filter cleaning information refer to indoor unit literature.

Do Not Block Floor,Wall or Ceiling Vents

When drapes, furniture, toys or other common household items block vents, the restricted airflow lessens the system’s efficiency and life span.

Do Not Cover or Block Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit needs unrestricted airflow. Do not cover it or place items on or next to it. Do not allow grass clippings, leaves, or other debris to accumulate on the sides or top of the unit. And, maintain a 12” (304.8 mm) minimum clearance between the outdoor unit and tall grass, vines, shrubs, etc.

Check Condensate Drain

Your air conditioner removes humidity from your home during the cooling season. After a few minutes of operation, water should trickle from the condensate drain of the indoor coil. Check this occasionally to be sure the drain system is not clogged. Drainage will be limited if you live in a very dry environment.

Do Not Operate Below 55°F/12.78°C

Your outdoor unit is not designed to operate when outdoor temperatures are lower than 55_F/12.78_C without modification. If operation below this temperature is required, consult your Bryant dealer.

Coil Cleaning

Your indoor coil is located in a sealed cabinet on your indoor unit and will require minimal cleaning with routine filter maintenance. Longer operating cycles and reduced energy efficiency may indicate the need for a coil cleaning by your Bryant dealer.

Base Pan Drainage

Periodically check for and remove debris that has settled around the base of your outdoor unit. This will ensure proper drainage of the base pan and eliminate standing water inside the outdoor unit.

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